Chicken Feed

We carry all stages of chicken feed from starter to grower to layer. Our starter comes in medicated, non-medicated, non-gmo and organic. Our grower comes in non-gmo and organic. Our layer comes in “regular ol’ chicken feed,” non-gmo and organic. We carry local feed in mash form from Shelby Farms in Shelbyville, KKH in Lebanon, Central Indiana Organics in Lebanon and Liberty Feed and Bean Meal from Morristown. We also carry Nutrena Naturewise pellets and crumbles and Purina Layena Omega Plus pellets. And our resident cat, Toni Kanaan (pictured) protects all of the feed from mice.


In addition to our feed, we also have a chicken feed buffet bar featuring locally sourced grains that includes barley, wheat, oats, flaxseed and rye


¬†We also have everything else you need to raise chickens!! Feeders, poultry fountains, grit, oyster shell, diatomaceous earth, medications and vitamins… and don’t forget about chicken harnesses and leashes!!