Customer Reviews

The Purucker’s






“Agrarian has been a wealth of information which allowed these city folks to easily step into everyday life as chicken farmers. From our first 4 hens and a coop on wheels to designing and building our second coop and run that currently holds 10 hens, he has been there every step of the way by helping us understand what’s going on with the girls, helping calm the new ones down and sometimes even reminding us to calm down because they are just chickens. Everyone loves the chickens, the farm and our enthusiasm about it all. With an incredible amount of ease, Agrarian has successfully turned this urban family into urban chicken farmers. OK… Maybe we have become the crazy chicken lady farmers. We even have hand made sweaters and jumpers for the girls and our own sportswear! But the best part of the farm in the backyard are the fresh eggs daily.”


The Papageorge’s


“In March, 2014 we hired Agrarian to build us a goat shed, hay feeder and pallet fence. The quality is superb! Working with Andrew, David and Anne is such a pleasure. The best thing is I always have someone to ask questions about my goats or chickens. They are a great resource! I also love that I can go to the store for my goat or chicken needs! I strongly recommend hiring Agrarian. They do beautiful work and are a pleasure to deal with!”


Raymond and John


“Agrarian made it really easy becoming new Urban Farmers! Andrew met with us at our home to discuss what we were looking for and before you knew it, we had our new coop/run and five baby chicks. It could have been a difficult learning curve, but he made it so easy. What a great experience and I would highly recommend Agrarian to everyone!”


The Leugers’


“Taking two city guys with no experience raising chickens, Agrarian personally spent the time giving us instruction and follow-up advice to ensure we were successful with our chickens. The coop and run were quality-made and made it so easy to enjoy our chickens and the fresh eggs they produced. Great to do business with.


The Moed’s


“Rachel and I could not be happier with Agrarian! As first-time chicken farmers, we had very little experience raising poultry but they put our concerns at ease and has remained available to answer any questions we have had along the way.

They delivered the chickens, supplies and coop right to our home and the coop they built has been a great addition to our backyard urban farm.

We highly recommend using them if you are interested in having chickens at your home!”


The Hamilton’s






“When we finally decided to start keeping chickens last spring we turned to Agrarian in order to make this a reality. Ann, David and Andrew make a fantastic team.

Picking up chicks and the perfect starter kit from Agrarian got us off to a great start and working with David and Andrew to design our coop was a great experience. Our coop is sturdy, safe and arrived ahead of schedule. The lightweight, portable design is a dream and our hens are so happy with the space they have in their run.

With the store being so close to our little homestead, we can easily pop in to pick up feed from a local mill or scoop up seeds off of the snack bar.

Agrarian makes backyard chicken keeping a breeze. Thanks guys!”


The Carter’s


“Discovering Agrarian has been the best thing I could have asked for as an inexperienced chicken farmer. Prior to beginning my relationship with them, I was wasting so much time trying to research information by myself online. I learned more in the one chicken class taught by Andrew than I had learned through weeks of online digging. Their knowledge and ability to be available as a resource is invaluable. They supplied me with everything I needed from the coop to the chickens. Which, speaking of the coop, I could not be happier with the quality and look of my new chicken coop. Working with Agrarian is more than just a place to obtain items you need, it truly is a fantastic resource full of people that want you to succeed.”

Judy and Mike Busse


“After only a few months of owning a small backyard flock, we wondered why every homeowner doesn’t  have one. It’s not difficult, smelly, noisy or very messy. There is, however, a modest start-up cost. So, once we made the decision to commit to the project, some cursory research revealed a plethora of options, many of which are online. We decided, however, to do business locally- and what a good choice it was. Doing business with Agrarian availed us to not only superior equipment, but also the expert advice and resourcefulness of Andrew Brake and associates. We quickly had an attractive and functional coop, seven birds (for now), and the various tools, accessories, feed and advice to quickly begin enjoying a steady supply of daily fresh eggs, along with the pleasure of interacting with these gregarious and entertaining birds.”


Vicki and Kate


“When we needed a new chicken coop, we immediately thought of Agrarian. The coop we ordered was well-constructed and included all of our requested features. They came to our residence ahead of time to discuss our needs and was happy to show us another coop as an example of what we would receive. They were forthcoming and fair about the pricing and timeline for delivery. When they arrived to deliver our coop, we were struggling to maneuver it through the gate into our yard, yet they were willing to spend the extra time and effort to help us find a solution. They even helped us transfer our somewhat aggressive rooster into the new enclosure. Overall, we had a great experience and are very happy with our chicken coop.”


The Goldsmith’s

FullSizeRender (2)

“My wife and I decided we wanted to raise our own chickens as animal lovers and of course, egg lovers. We weren’t exactly sure what we were getting ourselves into, but after some research we began the process. We had heard nothing but good things about Agrarian and Nap Town Chickens from many people and decided to purchase our chicks from them. We had a great experience while working with Anne and picking out our chicks. Once the chicks were old enough to be moved outside, we purchased one of those “starter” coops from Tractor Supply Company (you can get these at many of the big box stores and plenty of places online and they’re all terrible). While it seemed the best route for our 4 hens, we soon realized it was not sufficient for many reasons:


  • Although the product stated the coop was sufficient for up to 6 hens, the coop was too small for even the 4 birds we had and we soon realized this was creating a stressful living environment
  • The construction and design of the coop itself was shoddy at best and used cheap “wood” and metal parts
  • There was no protection for the bottom of the coop (we added chicken wire to protect the birds and solidify the structure)
  • The nesting box could easily be opened by a predator
  • The coop started showing signs of extreme wear within 8 months


I could go on and on with the issues we experienced with the “starter” coop, but the above should suffice. We decided to reach out to Agrarian and Nap Town Chickens to pick (pun intended) their brains. Not only were they extremely informative and patient with our plethora of questions and concerns, we could tell it was genuine. We ultimately decided to purchase the Homesteader and after some deliberation with Andrew, we went with the 8’ extended run as recommended.  Andrew went above and beyond and also out of his way to provide us a “temporary” coop that would provide more protection, as in the interim we had lost a couple of our hens to predators and had intentions to add to the brood. Andrew actually customized the dimensions so we would have no issues getting in and out of our backyard. We now have 8 happy and healthy hens with more than enough run room and roost. Even though the coop is 16’ long, the wheel & lever system allows the coop to be moved with ease. Between Andrew, Ann and David, Agrarian and Nap Town Chickens could not be better represented. We cannot thank you all enough and always look forward to our friendly trips for supplies, etc. If you are thinking about becoming a chicken farmer, look no further than Agrarian and Nap Town Chickens. Also, their new location at 54th and the Monon is great! Believe it or not, they don’t just sell supplies for chickens. Go check it out, you will not regret it!”