Locally Sourced Products

At Agrarian, we try to have as many of our products that we offer come right here from our neighborhood… kind of an elegant flea market. When we first opened, we had only a few items on our shelves that were sourced locally. But, we’ve grown and so has our local offerings. And, we’re always looking to add more so if you think you have something that might fit on our shelves, let us know.


Blue Mind Roasting coffee

Just Pop In popcorn

Just Pop In popcorn

Sage's Simple Syrups

Sage’s Simple Syrups


Handmade soaps from Winter Rose Soaps and Azure’s Secret


Barley Moon Salvage wood products

Hardwood Honey

Hardwood Honey


Simple Glow candles


Poppin’ Cobs

Felted Soaps

Felted Soaps