Frizzles are bred for feathers that curl forward and outward, giving them a truly unique look!  This trait does not always breed true, so some will exhibit the frizzle characteristics and others will look like a bantam variety of a more traditional Cochin.  Either way, you will have a docile, friendly bird that will make a great pet!  Bantam varieties cannot be sexed at the hatchery.


Egg Color: Brown

Egg Size: Small

Production: 1 - 2 Eggs/Week

Personality: Docile, Friendly, Easy to Handle

Broody: Yes

Hardiness: Sensitive to Extreme Temperatures

Adult Coloration: Black

Adult Size: 32 oz.

Purpose: Ornamental

Black Frizzle Cochin Bantam

Date Available
  • If a chick dies within 48 hours of being picked up, we will provide a refund or a replacement chick, if one is available.  Chicks cannot be returned to the store in the interest of biosecurity.​

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