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Easter Eggers are a hybrid breed with wide color variation that can lay eggs from olive green to turquoise blue, and sometimes rose or brown.  Easter Eggers often have a muff or beard to add to their unique appearance.  Feathers on the frizzle variety curve up and away from the body instead of lying flat. Frizzle feathering does not show as chicks but appears with maturity.  Note: Since the trait does not breed true, some of your chicks will develop normal feathers and some will be frizzled.  Like their flat-feathered counterparts, you can expect 4-6 medium to large colorful eggs each week.


Egg Color: Blue/Green/Rose/Brown

Egg Size: Large - Extra Large

Production: 4 - 6 Eggs/Week

Personality: Active and Friendly

Broody: No

Hardiness: Sensitive to Extremes

Adult Coloration: Varies

Adult Size: 4 lbs.

Purpose: Ornamental, Eggs

Frizzle Easter Egger

  • If a chick dies within 48 hours of being picked up, we will provide a refund or a replacement chick, if one is available.  Chicks cannot be returned to the store in the interest of biosecurity.​

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