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Rooster Resources

Keeping a rooster with your flock can be very rewarding!  They provide excellent predator protection, maintain peace within the flock, and fertilize the eggs your hens lay.  We understand that keeping a rooster can also be challenging, so we've compiled some resources we hope will be helpful.


NO CROW Collar - If your main concern is keeping your roo's crowing to a minimum, then a NO CROW Collar may be the right choice.  These collars are specially designed for safety, flexibility, and breathability.  They are meant to reduce the volume of your rooster's crow and reduce the frequency of crowing over time.  You can view the manufacturer's size chart and fitting instructions for further guidance.    

Gentling Resources - These resources may help you find approaches to mitigating aggressive behaviors.


Keeping a Bachelor Flock - Want to provide a home for unwanted roosters, but worried about fighting?  This article from PoultryDVM will explain what you need to know to successfully keep a bachelor flock.  Please check your local ordinances before you get started - Indianapolis only allows one rooster per property.

Rehoming and Relocation - Services are available through Agrarian for $20 per bird or free for customers who purchased rooster insurance when buying chicks.  Visit our Rooster Returns page to read about the store's rehoming services.  Potential DIY rehoming outlets include the Facebook groups Indy Chickens, Central Indiana Chickens, Adopt A Rooster Indiana, Poultry Group of Indiana, Indiana Backyard Chickens, Indiana Chicken Swap, and more.  

Are you looking for a rooster to add to your flock?  View our current adoption availability here.

Biosecurity Considerations: Many communicable illnesses can be carried by birds showing no symptoms and spread through the dander they shed.  To minimize the risk of disease exposure to chicks in the store and to our staff and customers' flocks, roosters will not be housed at the store, nor will our staff handle them directly.  Please bring your rooster to the store in a cardboard box or similar container that you do not need back.  To protect your flock when adopting a new bird, we recommend a 30-day quarantine period to monitor for evidence of disease or parasites before introducing it to your current flock.

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