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Rooster Returns

Most of the chicks we order are sex-identified as female at the hatchery with a 90% accuracy guarantee.  However, customers do occasionally end up with an unexpected rooster.  To help offset the concern of what to do with an unwanted rooster, we offer rooster insurance for an additional $0.50 per bird at the time of purchase.  The purchase of rooster insurance allows you to take advantage of our rooster rehoming and return services at no additional cost.  Customers who have roosters that were not purchased at Agrarian or that were not covered by rooster insurance may use these resources, as well, but they will be assessed a $20 service fee per bird.  Proof of insurance is required to waive the service fee.

Customers wishing to relocate a rooster have the following options:

-Free DIY Outlets: You might want to try the various social media platforms yourself first.  Potential outlets include the Facebook groups Indy Chickens, Central Indiana Chickens, Adopt A Rooster Indiana, Poultry Group of Indiana, Indiana Backyard Chickens, Indiana Chicken Swap, and more.

-Rehoming Service ($20 Service Fee or Free with Insurance): To help facilitate rehoming your rooster, we will ask you to share a photo and relevant information that will be posted to Agrarian's website and social media pages. We will also conduct direct outreach to customers on our rooster outreach list.  When we receive an adoption request, we will put the current owner in direct contact with the prospective new owner to coordinate his transition to the new flock. On occasion, we may coordinate for drop off and pick up at Agrarian on one of our designated rooster return dates.  There is no guaranteed turnaround time on this service, and the rooster must remain with the original owner until a new owner is identified.  For biosecurity purposes, roosters cannot be housed at Agrarian during the search process.

-Rooster Return ($20 Service Fee or Free with Insurance): Roosters may be brought to the store between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM on the dates listed below.  Roosters brought to the store on these dates will be sent with a vendor to one of Indiana's reputable livestock sales.  Advanced arrangements with store staff are still required prior to bringing in a rooster on these dates.

2024 Rooster Return Dates 

January 18th

February 15th

March 14th

April 18th

May 16th

June 20th

July 18th

August 15th

September 19th

October 17th

November 14th

December 12th

Biosecurity Considerations: Many communicable illnesses can be carried by birds showing no symptoms and spread through the dander they shed.  To minimize the risk of disease exposure to chicks in the store and to our staff and customers' flocks, roosters will not be housed at the store, nor will our staff handle them directly.  Please bring your rooster to the store in a cardboard box or similar container that you do not need back.  To protect your flock when adopting a new bird, we recommend a 30-day quarantine period to monitor for evidence of disease or parasites before introducing it to your current flock.

Are you looking for a rooster to add to your flock?  You can review information about incoming birds below and make an adoption request using the form provided.  Please include your name, email address and phone number, along with the name of the bird you would like to adopt.  We may put you in direct contact with the current owner or schedule a time for you to pick up on one of the designated rooster return dates.  If you'd like to be added to our rooster outreach list, please provide your name, phone number, and email address, along with any information about the type of rooster you are looking for.

Currently Available for Adoption

While we do our best to ensure accurate information is shared, Agrarian does not provide any guarantees as to the breed, age, temperament, health, or other claims made by owners in any adoption listing.  Every interested party should understand the risks and benefits of introducing a rooster to their flock and take appropriate biosecurity measures before doing so.

Silkie 7.1_edited.jpg


Breed: Silkie

Hatch Date: August 2023

What His Current Owner Says: He doesn’t seem as aggressive as some roosters, I just don’t have room for him in the coop anymore.

Unknown Names & Breeds

What Their Current Owner Says:  I rescued these guys as chicks when a school was hatching eggs and they ended up at Teachers Treasures.  Now have 5 roosters!  I need to rehome at least 3 of them.  They are not yet a year old.  I have no names for them and not sure their breeds.  

I do not handle them, they are all free range but they are sweet and love to come to me when I have food.  They all get along and I have goats, dogs, and cats that hang out in the back yard and they do not mind hanging with them. 


Adoption Request Form

Thank you for submitting your request! We'll be in touch soon.

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