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Chick Reservations

For each breed, select your preferred Chick Day date and the number of chicks you
would like.  We recommend no more than a two-week age difference between chicks that will be raised in a brooder together.  We do not have a minimum order, but we recommend raising at least 3 chicks together.  Availability is limited for each date,
and your order cannot exceed the number of available chicks.

A note on older chicks: When available, chicks listed under the "Past Hatch" designation can be reserved online each week from Monday through Friday. They will be listed by their original hatch date, and available for pick up the weekend after a reservation has been made.  To avoid inventory conflicts, they will not be available for online reservation during our weekend retail hours. Please call the store or come in to check on availability during that time.

All chicks are sexed female with a 90% accuracy guarantee.  You may purchase rooster insurance when you pick up your chicks and would incur no further fees should you accidentally end up with a rooster and wish to return him to the store.  Please note that rooster insurance does NOT cover a refund or replacement chick.  You can read more about our rooster insurance program in our Chick Policy.  If you want a rooster, we are happy to add you to our outreach list or special order one for you; call the store for details.

Please review our Chick Policy prior to making your reservation and give us a call at
317-493-1166 if you have any questions.  Once your order is complete, your chick reservation will be secured for the selected Chick Day dates.  Payment will be
processed at the time of pick up.

Please plan to pick your chicks up in-store between noon and 4 pm on the Saturday or Sunday of your selected reservation.  Call the store if you need to make alternative
pick up arrangements.

Online reservations will be closed 24 hours prior to the start of each Chick Day.  To find out if there are chicks left from a past date, please call the store or come in during our retail hours.

  Don't see the breeds you're looking for?  We may be able to work with you on a
custom order.  Call us for more information.

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