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Delawares were first developed by crossing Barred Plymouth Rocks with New Hampshire Reds as an early broiler cross.  Today, the breed is mostly white with some black neck and tail feathers, and are prized for their high egg productivity and suitability as a dual-purpose addition to a homestead flock.  


Egg Color: Brown

Egg Size: Large - Extra Large

Production: 4 - 6 Eggs/Week

Personality: Friendly

Broody: Yes

Hardiness: Cold Hardy

Adult Coloration: White with Black

Adult Size: 6.5 lbs.

Purpose: Dual


  • If a chick dies within 48 hours of being picked up, we will provide a refund or a replacement chick, if one is available.  Chicks cannot be returned to the store in the interest of biosecurity.​

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