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EZ Writable Leg Bands - 24 Pack

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Use these leg bands to help identify age, bloodline, broodiness, or to differentiate birds within the same breed. You can personalize these bands using UV resistant permanent marker. To prevent fading, you can lightly sand the area and clean with rubbing alcohol prior to marking. To put the band on: place it around the bird's leg and close firmly by pressing the ends together until you hear them click in place. To remove a band: squeeze the band until the connected ends release or slide the connected ends in opposite directions. Replace the band with a larger size before it becomes tight on a bird's leg.

Sizing Guide:

Small: Fits standard breed chicks at or around 2 weeks of age. Fits most bantam breeds, pheasants, and pigeons.

Medium: Ancona, Araucana, Favorelle, Fayoumi, Hamburg, Lakenvelder, Leghorn, Mille Fleur, Polish, Silkie

Large: Ameraucana, Andalusian, Australorp, Barnevelder, Buff Orpington, Cochin, Cornish, Easter Egger, Jersey Giant, New Hampshire Red, Plymouth Rock, Rhode Island Red, Sussex, Welsummer, Wyandotte

Sizing suggestions are a guide only. They are based on average hens of each breed. You may need different sizing for roosters or for individual birds that vary from the breed average. Check leg bands frequently to ensure proper fit - bands should fit loosely enough to move freely on the bird's leg.

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